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Saturday, January 18th

Steps: 431

HR Max: 106

HR Min: 68 (resting)

Excited to start my fitness journey! Mom got me an exercise tracker and it has so many cool functions. I spent all last night charging it and getting it set up, trying out some of the features. The dumb thing is that it mostly just collects stats, so I have to do things in order for it to be interesting (I guess that’s the point?)

I tried going for a walk and it got my heart rate up a bit, but it’s Saturday and late, so it’s not like I’m going to try anything extreme right now. I might go to bed early because I’m excited to see what my sleep stats look like.

I’ve got some packing to do, still, so I won’t be going to bed too early. I know I won’t need much for a basketball camp, since we’ll be doing drills most of the time, but I find myself throwing things in my bag I know I won’t need. Sunscreen? It’s January, and we’ll be inside the whole time. Bug spray? I guess I’m on auto-pilot for summer camp packing.

I’m a little embarrassed. I’m probably going to be the oldest girl there. Everyone else my age has already gone on to college and been scouted, or looked for other ways to get scholarships to go to school. Mom says it’s not a big deal that it’s taking me a little longer, and she worked for two years after high school before going to college, but that won’t change the fact that when I get there, everyone will have their friend groups. Everyone will already be paired up. And I’ll be the odd one out.

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