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Saturday, January 19th

Steps: 4,130

HR Max: 110

HR Min: 68 (resting)

I think I messed things up. I’m not where I’m supposed to be.

Mom dropped me off at the university today, where the basketball camp is being held. I assumed our coach for the month would put us straight to work, because my high school coach kept saying that about other coaches. “They won’t be as nice as me.” “If you think I’m hard on you, wait until you get to college.”

But no one made me run laps when I got there. I’d never been to a university, so I was afraid of getting lost, but there was someone there to meet me and my mom to show us around. All of us in the basketball camp are staying in unused dorm rooms, which is kind of cool. It’s like a test run of what college will really be like.

Except I thought it’d be a great idea to explore a little bit before bed. I ended up shooting a few hoops in the gym because I had no idea what else to do and on the way back, there was an open door.

It looked like it went to an outdoor exercise area. As I got closer, through the door I could see a huge, overgrown stone arena. I never thought we had something like this in America, much less in Michigan, so of course I wanted to look around.

I’m surprised by how much technology is built in? Electric lights, automatic doors. Most things don’t work quite right, though, with all the plants that have taken over. I wonder why the university hasn’t sent someone in to cut things back. I can’t imagine them having a space like this without hosting events here regularly.

I have a nasty feeling in my gut the further out I explore. Like someone is going to catch me here and yell at me, “what are you doing out of your room?” but they didn’t give us any rules so far. Just our practice schedule.

Then it hits me. It’s too warm here. I’m outside without a coat, but it’s January. I turn around, looking for the door I came through, but it’s gone.

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