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Vogue Zine

Vogue Zine Cover.png

Everyone had their sad hobbies during self-isolation and this was mine.

While editing Frogman's Response and staying out of the gym during the pandemic, I made a bunch of collage art and beat Banjo-Kazooie. This zine captures both of those experiences in one 28-page booklet.  

This is a by-donation publication, so consider sending me a few bucks to say thank you if you enjoy it. 

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Here are the files

Printing Tips

Permissions: You may use these files to read and print copies of this zine for your own enjoyment or to give away.

You may not use these files for sales of any kind

To print this zine into a booklet, use the Printable Version.

  • Print on both sides of paper

  • Flip on the short edge

Once printed, the pages should already be in order. All you have to do is fold the printout in half, staple, and you have a booklet!

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