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Praise for Frogman's Response

In this all-too-relatable tale of high school struggles, an unlikely trio of classmates tackle that age-old problem of finding the friends you need, not the ones you want, while navigating the perilous world of online anonymity and cyberbullying, and well-intentioned advice gone wrong.

Voss paints our heroes with plenty of teenage snark, making them both naive yet wise beyond their years, reminiscent of an updated Breakfast Club. You just can't help but root for these teens.

— C. H. Hung

Frogman’s Response is a delight to read! The characters are thoughtfully written and range from lovable to punchable. You will find yourself invested to the end.

— Rachael Wilson

Voss captures that weird and infuriating time between childhood and adulthood wherein no one takes you seriously, your real problems are often larger than just getting a good grade in school, and adults take themselves too seriously with angsty precision and humorous aplomb.

Her world and characters are endearing, hilarious, hopeful, and sometimes a little sad, but that is reality. She is definitely an author to keep an eye on. I can't wait to see what she writes next!

— Baylee Mehl

The halls of Henry Blake High School seem instantly familiar no matter what school the reader went to. I can't help feeling there's a little bit of Frogman in all of us. A fantastic blend of grounded and whimsical.

— Seth McDiarmid

— Greg Jeffs

This is a heart-warming coming-of-age story about growing up in adversity and building true friendships to get through it.

The lead character, fifteen year-old Matthew Shaw, feels like a real person and you will find yourself turning page after page in the hopes of seeing him succeed and find happiness, despite his many challenges and personal imperfections.

Frogman’s Response is a gem that perfectly strikes the balance of light and easy reading coupled with wrestling with serious and interesting young adult issues. Voss shines in her ability to craft a story that gives us a likable and interesting character, and a fresh take on the challenges of high school.

— Angela Walser

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